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    Tankel & Kelcha - Leather and Repair Quests



    Tankel & Kelcha - Leather and Repair Quests

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    To start this quest talk with Tankel in the Morcraven Marsh [MM 292,241] about the illness of his daughter, Kelcha.

    In order to heal Kelcha, he needs the help of Edlera, who lives in the marsh [MM 141,164]; when you talk to Edlera she will send you back to Tankel to ask him about the past of Kelcha.

    Talk to Tankel and then to Edlera again: you have to get 10 yellow roses (you can buy them at a flower shop or harvest them in Desert Pines [DP 291,342]).

    When you have the roses enter Tankel's house, drop the roses in front of Kelcha and talk to her. She will awake for a moment saying something about her diary.

    Refer this to Edlera and she will ask you to search for it: if you talk to Tankel he will tell that he found Kelcha near the Naralik dungeon.

    Go to the Naralik dungeon [NK 106,161]; enter it and go south, not far from the entrance you'll find a pile of 4 red books on the ground: click on the oblique one with the "use" cursor to find out Kelcha has been cursed by Mortos.

    Go back to Edlera: you have get 30 Minor Healing Potions (make or buy them) to offer to Aluwen. Go back in Naralik with the potions in your inventory and put them on the ground at the south side of the statue [NK 99,161] that is near the dungeon entrance, then "use" the statue: you'll get a message that Kelcha has been cured.

    Go back to Tankel, tell him that his daughter is healed, and he will ask you to say to Edlera that he apologizes for the argument they had years before.

    Talk to Edlera and then back to Tankel to complete the quest.

    when your armor or weapon is damaged, you can ask Tankel to repair it (you have to pay some money and there is a chance to lose the item, cost and chance depending on the item).
    To start this quest complete the Repair Quest and then talk to Kelcha about her dream [MM 285,253].

    Go to Edlera [MM 141,164] and she will send you to search a particular flower: you can find it in Whitestone [WS 634,204], it looks like a white asiatic lily, click on it with the "use" cursor to pick it (it will not appear in inventory).

    Go back to talk to Kelcha to make her remember what she dreamed and so completing the quest.

    Reward: you can now buy cheaper leather from Kelcha in bulk (75 leather at 350gc).

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