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    Vesine Wine Quest - Cheaper Wine



    Vesine Wine Quest - Cheaper Wine

    Post by Guest on Tue Feb 19, 2013 3:30 pm

    To start this quest talk to Latis, he is in the winery (fort Caladak) in the Morcraven Marsh [MM 290,60]. You must talk to him until you get the dialogue option "parents die", select it and follow the dialogue (you won't find anything in your questlog).

    Now go to Portland and talk to the Mayor [PL 95,56]; he will send you to Bais. Bais is in the backroom in Portland storage [PL 229,79], but he won't say you anything until Latis and Vesine repay their debt.

    Go back to Latis and he'll explain they can't repay Bais because of a drought affecting the wine production.

    First go to the Portland library [PL 198,106] and talk to the librarian, Drial, about the various topics until you arrive at the Irrigation methods.

    Now go to Nordcarn and talk to Morumi, he is sitting on a bench south of the Magic Shop [NC 112,70]. You could use a rocket to obtain rain, but you need to find the specifics of the device.

    Go back to the librarian and he will give you a book (not shown in inventory) and tell to search for Ertan. Talk to the mayor to discover that Ertan went in the cave in Tahraji Desert and never came back.

    Go in Tahraji Desert (this map is PK and has strong monsters), the cave is in the south-east [TD 369,21]; once in the cave (orcs here) look for a corpse with a book and "use" the book.

    Go back to Morumi and give him the specifications: now you need to put in storage 80 sulphur, 30 coal and 20 silver bars. When you have the items in storage talk
    again to Morumi: he will launch the rocket.

    Go back to Latis:
    the drought is over and the debt will be paid soon. Go to talk to Bais, then talk to Latis for the last time to end the quest.

    Reward: you can now buy wine in bulk from Vesine (20 bottles for 15gc). OR From any Tavern!


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