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    Lord Luxin - Clean Sewers



    Lord Luxin - Clean Sewers

    Post by Guest on Tue Feb 19, 2013 4:30 pm

    White Stone City clean the sewers

    A. Go to Lord Luxin ( WSC 38,713). He wants you to clean the sewer gates and there are 5 gates in wsc sewers and get them unclogged. He wants you to use a pole to clean them with. You need to bring 5 wooden staffs with you to get this done. You will use the use with icon on the gate to clean them and get the clogs out however, your wooden staff will break when you clean them so you will need a staff for each one.

    1. WSC sewers (357,317)
    2. WSC sewers (367,273)
    3. WSC sewers (190,264)
    4. WSC sewers (292,358)
    5. WSC sewers (237,223)

    B. You will get a message all sewers unclogged. Go back to Lord Luxin WSC (38, 713). Reward 3k engineering, 10k attack, and 10k defense.


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